Ski patrollers need their equipment to be reliable on and off the hill. This includes the products they need to transport their most important gear, their skis, and snowboards. As the premier car rack partner of the National Ski Patrol, Yakima® provides VIP discounts on everything from ski racks and rocket boxes to bike racks and fly fishing carriers. Whether ski or bike patrolling, they have NSP patrollers covered.

In addition to the VIP discounts Yakima provides NSP members, it also supplies Subaru-NSP ambassadors with racks to help them transport their bikes and skis. Nick Harper-Johnston, 2018-2019 ambassador and Schweitzer Mountain patroller can testify to Yakima’s reliability. “I love my Yakima rack. It’s quick to use and sturdy at all times. I use it every day.” Ski patrollers and Yakima racks have two very important traits in common, durability and reliability. This is why NSP is proud to partner with Yakima.

For more information about Yakima equipment and VIP pricing visit their pro page: