Patrollers everywhere agree that radio communications are essential for effective ski patrolling. The prompt investigation of reported accidents, the need for additional personnel and/or equipment at the scene, and the coordination of transportation of the injured for further treatment are only some of the patrolling activities for which radio communications play a vital role.

The NSP telecom program assists the organization and its members by:

  • Providing technical and general-interest information on radio communications through NSP publications;
  • Responding to inquiries from members about telecom issues affecting ski patrols;
  • Assisting other NSP advisers and program directors when radio communications are involved;
  • Assisting patrols with FCC licensing and related regulatory matters;
  • Monitoring NSP compliance with FCC regulations; and
  • Interfacing with allied (EMS/rescue) organizations on radio regulatory issues.

NSP members and patrols and find additional technical, procedural and contact information on the NSP member website.

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