Physician Partners

Physician partners are volunteer physicians who assist with Outdoor Emergency Care training and general medical training of patrollers. Physician partners must have either an M.D. or D.O. degree. Physician partners are not required to complete the OEC course or take annual OEC refreshers. They are not required to provide emergency care or on-hill patroller duties, but may be asked to assist with instruction and quality assurance for OEC courses and, if authorized by area management, provide medical assistance.  Physician partners must be approved by the Patrol Representative/Director and pay the same dues as patrollers.  Contact for more information about including physician partners on patrol rosters.

Physician partner members receive the following benefits:
  •  An annual subscription to Ski Patrol Magazine.
  • The ability to purchase all NSP Online Store items.
  • Access to all Pro Deals.
  • The ability to participate and be credentialed in an NSP training or education programs.
  • Comprehensive member support services and online resources.
  • Voting rights in board elections