By Jay Galeota,
Mountian Creek Patrol, New Jersey

When I started patrolling 30 years ago this season I remember thinking that someday I would be older and a dad and maybe, just maybe, my kids would want to be patrollers too. Well the years pass faster than any of us know when we are young and those thoughts from my youth have come true. Jake started as a candidate when he turned 15. He is in his junior year at Cornell now and became a patroller three years ago thanks to the great instructors at Mountain Creek and the Eastern Division’s support of the on-line OEC course. He’s also an EMT and fireman. Jake patrols with us at Mountain Creek and has patrolled at Greek Peak in NY. This year Ben has followed suit. He’s 14 and will turn 15 during the year, which qualifies him for the YAP program now. He’s very excited to become a patroller and I’m sure he will be a good one.

The NSP has been a special part of my life and to see it now play a role in the life of my kids is energizing. The ability we all share to give back and help people while enjoying a sport we love is special indeed.