Outstanding Awards

NSP’s National Outstanding Awards are presented annually in 16 categories:

Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol, Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol, Outstanding Bike Patrol, Outstanding Nordic Patrol, Outstanding Administrative Patroller, Outstanding Alpine Patroller, Outstanding Alumni, Outstanding Bike Patroller, Outstanding Instructor, Outstanding OEC Instructor, Outstanding Nordic Patroller, Outstanding Paid Patrol Director, Outstanding Paid Patroller, Outstanding Patrol Representative, Outstanding Patroller, and Outstanding Young Adult Patroller.

Following are the 2021 National Outstanding Award recipients. Awards recipients for 2022 will be announced in January of 2023.

Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol
Pine Knob Ski Patrol

Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol
Otsego Ski Patrol

Outstanding Bike Patrol
Lookout Pass Hiawatha Trail Bike Patrol

Outstanding Nordic Patrol
Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol

Outstanding Administrative Patroller
Daryl Whitcher

Outstanding Alpine Patroller
Debbi Satterlee

Outstanding Alumni
Joseph Calbreath

Outstanding Bike Patroller
No nominations

National Outstanding Instructor
Jack Ramsey

Outstanding OEC Instructor
Jim Murphy

Outstanding Nordic Patroller
Matt Strauser

Outstanding Paid Patrol Director
Harriet Frawley

Outstanding Paid Patroller
David Olsen

Outstanding Patrol Representative
Phil Ben-Joseph

Outstanding Patroller
Sue Dennison

Outstanding Young Adult Patroller
Torin Welch

National Chair’s Outstanding Administrative Patroller
Richard Yercheck