Unique to the NSP, the Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) program teaches alpine patrollers how to safely transport patients in a toboggan.  Courses in this program are for members only.  Ski areas and patrols have varying guidelines for the skills required to serve as an alpine patroller.  Please contact the patrol you are interested in working with to determine their guidelines.

OET Supervisors

Marc Barlage, National Program Director, Brighton, Utah

Tracy Amidon, Ski Apache, New Mexico
Ray Bryan, Sky Tavern, Nevada
Tracy Buchanan, Boston Hills/ Brandywine/Alpine Valley Ski Patrol, Ohio
Michael Marlow, Great Divide, Montana
Travis Meikle, Beaver Mountain, Utah
James O’Connor, Nashoba Valley, Massachusetts
Jack Ramsey, Crystal Mountain, Washington
Randall Rumer, Snowshoe, West Virginia
Michael Staszewski, International Alumni
Heidi Strader, Fairbanks, Alaska
Daryl Whitcher, Dodge Ridge, California
Thomas Worley, Perfect North Slopes, Ohio