This upcoming year marks 25 years of partnership for Subaru of America and the National Ski Patrol. Together we share the core values of safety, service, and embracing being outside. Through this partnership, Subaru has generously provided NSP with several branded cars for NSP patrollers and leaders around the country. Today’s NSP Subaru Ambassadors are patrollers with interesting and active lives, who share stories of their work and adventures. The #KneeDeepInWork campaign not only highlights patrolling on the hill, but the lifestyles many of our patrollers have off the hill.

Subaru and NSP are excited to introduce our 2019-2020 Ambassadors. This group was chosen based on several factors. Region, division, gender, demonstrated content creation, and the ability to tell a story were all components we considered when choosing this year’s ambassadors. We would like to thank the 2018-2019 Ambassadors for all their hard work and welcome our 2019-2020 drivers. We are excited for this upcoming year. Follow our past and current drivers via their Instagram handles, read their blog posts on the NSP website, and search the hashtag #KneeDeepInWork. To learn more about our newest ambassadors check out their bios on our website here.

If you are interested in being an ambassador in the future please apply in June of 2020. See you out on the slopes!

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