The National Ski Patrol (NSP) is thrilled to announce that four of our members will be patrolling at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Using their extensive safety training, our team of Patrollers will ensure the safety of the world’s top winter athletes competing on-mountain. Our NSP members have loaded up gear from partners including  Backcountry Access, Petzl, Rossignol, and Terramar, and are heading over to Beijing to support this global, celebratory athletics competition. 

NSP is honored to participate in the behind-the-scenes work that gives people from more than 200 countries around the globe a space to compete, feel inspired, and be together. Our members have supported several different Olympic games – both summer and winter – including the Lake Placid Winter Games in 1980, and the Atlanta Summer Games in 1996.

Patrolling at the Olympics is a way that NSP members – many of whom have been skiing since childhood – can be a key part of the Olympics. This January, Chuck Boyd, Justin Guth, Bruce Welton, and Bill Zink are departing for China to collaborate with safety professionals from Canada, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and a local team of 250 Chinese patrollers.

This is just one way that NSP members put their training and skills to use to serve people in the winter athletics community. As the NSP actively works to diversify and improve programming, education, and communication, our patrollers’ involvement in the Olympics is providing an incredibly valuable opportunity for us to learn and share about the importance of skiing across cultures.

Bruce Welton, Palisades Tahoe Patroller, shared, “The Olympic Games have, since the beginning, brought together the best athletes in their sports…This experience is about sharing a part of my life that I love with people halfway around the world – and remembering that as much as I came here to teach, perhaps I’ll learn even more.”

About the National Ski Patrol:  

The National Ski Patrol is a nonprofit membership association. As the leading authority of on-mountain safety, the NSP is dedicated to serving the outdoor recreation industry by providing education and accreditation to emergency care and safety service providers. NSP has more than 31,000 members who are ski and bike patrollers, mountain hosts and associates, and who serve more than 600 patrols around the country and internationally.