Mountain Travel & Rescue

The mission of the Mountain Travel and Rescue (MTR) program is to provide ski patrollers and interested members of the public with knowledge and skills that

  • enhance their effectiveness at ski patrolling
  • build their outdoor leadership capacities
  • enable them to serve as assets and leaders in search-and-rescue operations, especially in winter settings and mountain environments.

The sequence of five courses covers basic survival skills, mountain travel techniques, wilderness navigation, hazard management, mountain weather, group dynamics, environmental considerations, medical problems specific to mountain environments, search-and-rescue principles, and emergency rescue techniques, including rope work.

To see if there are MTR courses available in your area, view the course schedule on NSP’s member site; enter “Mountain Travel Rescue” in the Course Title Contains field.

NSP’s textbook, Mountain Travel and Rescue, 2nd edition, is available through The Mountaineers Books.

Mountain Travel and Rescue Supervisors
Bill Cotton, National Program Director

Paul Amidon, Ski Apache, New Mexico
Michael Balk, Camelback, Pennsylvania
Eric Cannon, Anchorage Nordic, Alaska
Karl Chulski, Big Bear, California
Steven Divine, Mountain Creek, New Jersey
James Ellingwood, Stuttgart, Germany
Terry Loges, Sugar Mountain, North Carolina
Jon O’Dell, Independent Oaks Nordic, Michigan
Troy Walker, Park City, Utah
Richard Willy, Cascade Backcountry Ski Patrol, Washington