To help keep people safe on the mountain and during other outdoor activities.

Vision Themes 2030
The NSP is one of the leading non-profit organizations in the world because:

  1. We are recognized as the premier provider of outdoor rescue education;
  2. We have increased membership numbers, diversity and increased retention;
  3. We have broadened our reach into other sporting activities and events;
  4. We have become financially self-sustaining; and
  5. All of our members have compelling stories of patrolling success.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Service
  • Camaraderie
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness

The NSP serves a number of stakeholders, including members, ski areas, land owners, others who operate recreational areas, industry partners (associations, suppliers and organizations) and the outdoor recreational public.

While NSP will work on literally dozens of other issues, these objectives are the strategic essentials we must focus on to successfully meet our challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead and accomplish our Vision Themes.

The Strategic Objectives can be thought of as a road map that will help guide everything that NSP leadership and staff do to ensure the continued relevancy of the organization. Each specific objective will require a different focus to ensure that the organization is staying on point.

The Strategic Plan also helps guide the organization by omitting what we won’t focus on. Maintaining a laser-focus on the wildly important goals will help us to achieve our dreams, without being mired in the low-level tactics and minutia.

Under each of the Strategic Objectives, the staff will develop new initiatives and revise existing ones to ensure that they represent the most effective and efficient ways to achieve those objectives, including a means of measuring progress on each. Measurement is essential to enable national leadership to effectively guide the organization in the months ahead. Metrics should be easy to understand, presented on a regular basis and updated regularly.

These Key Initiatives detail the “how to” part of this strategic planning process, and they drive the annual operating plans which the NSP board reviews on a regular basis.

Strategic Objectives

Pillar 1 – Programs
Our programs meet the current (and future) needs of our members, customers and other stakeholders. These programs (both curriculum-based and non-curriculum based) are relevant, high quality and available.

Pillar 2 – Brand Awareness, Identity and Value
Communicate and enhance NSP’s value to our members, customers and other stakeholders.

Pillar 3 – Technology and Infrastructure
Our technology and infrastructure allow us to accomplish our mission and goals. We will use standard operational procedures and accommodate multiple user interfaces to provide target group(s) specific content, best practices and institutional knowledge to our community.