First on, last off.

Becoming a member of the National Ski Patrol comes with a lot of perks, on and off duty.  You will be providing service and safety in an environment that you already love, and you will form lasting friendships. You will learn and refine first responder medical and rescue skills unique to ski patrolling.  Through NSP’s partnerships, you will also have access to the best outdoor products, from the best outdoor brands at the lowest possible prices.

Becoming a member of the National Ski Patrol does have requirements as specified by a local patrol. These usually include training, including completion of Outdoor Emergency Care, plus any other training required by the local patrol.

The process works like this: You must first contact a local patrol. (You can access local patrols via our regional websites, which you can find links to here.)

With that patrol’s approval, you will join the NSP as a Candidate via the NSP Member website. This will give you access to course schedules and other resources you will need to move through the process.

(If you are in contact with a patrol and need to create an account with us, please click here to create an account at the NSP member site.)

Patrolling perks include:

  • Working outdoors
  • Camaraderie
  • Outdoor Education
  • Medical/Rescue Training
  • NSP Online Store (900 products at least 40 percent below retail)
  • NSP Pro Deals Page (55+ Brands at 25-50 percent below retail)

Come join us!