NSP Membership

Membership in the National Ski Patrol provides many benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Working outdoors
  • Camaraderie
  • Outdoor Education
  • Medical/Rescue Training
  • NSP Online Store (900 products at least 40% below retail)
  • NSP Pro Deals Page (55+ Brands at 25-50% below retail)
  • Ski Patrol Magazine
  • E-Newsletters that include the latest information on patrolling, NSP educational programs and the best pro deals

While most potential members join as candidates to become ski or bike patrollers, there are many other ways to join the NSP:

If you are an EMT or Paramedic, and wish to be part of a patrol, you can join with modified training requirements.

You can join as a Physician Partner.

You can join as a Mountain Host or Bike Host.

If you have been a registered member of the NSP for at least a year, you can join as an Alumni Member.

If you wish to join as a Friend of the NSP, you can become an Associate Member.

If you are a non-NSP member organization, but would like to provide NSP’s education programs, you can become an Affiliate Organization.

We hope you will want to join us! Most of these memberships do require that you first connect to a local patrol. You can find more detailed information about how to join by clicking on each membership type above.

You can read through some answers to our Membership Frequently Asked Questions here.

If you are in contact with a patrol and need to create an account with us, please click here to create an account at the NSP member site.