Ski Patrol Magazine is an official publication of the National Ski Patrol and is published three times a year. All members receive the magazine as a membership benefit.

Here are some highlights from recent issues. You can also find some content from the magazine posted on our blog.

Rapid Response Canines Ski patrollers always look at fall as a time to get back into the swing of things ahead of the first runs of the season. Perhaps then, it’s not surprising that patrollers aren’t the only ones who need to get in some preseason training.

The Ski Industry and a Changing Climate  Skiing is why warmer summers and mediocre winters are more important than just a change in the
“normal,” and ultimately it’s one of the major reasons I am motivated to write about climate change, which directly affects what we hold most near and dear to our hearts (and pocketbooks): skiing.

The Value of Volunteers I celebrated my 18th birthday in the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol locker room. It was thrilling to be a part of an organization that helped people while getting to ski all day. It felt like a win-win.