Dear NSP Community,

I am sure you are all aware how COVID-19 is impacting nearly every aspect of private and public life now. Many ski areas and resorts have closed in line with requests and recommendations to eliminate opportunities for large crowds to assemble. We know these closures have very real ramifications for everyone in our industry, including our members.

In terms of operations for NSP’s national office and some of our programs, we are making the following adjustments:

Most of the national office staff is working remotely. We continue to work on behalf of our members, but most of us are doing so from home. We are receiving email and voicemail messages, but it may take us just a little longer than normal to respond. The Online Store is open but on a limited basis—you may still place orders, but shipping may be delayed.

We will support cancellation of OEC classes and other training events. In light of precautions regarding the spread of COVID-19 and the CDC advisement to limit group gatherings, NSP is providing full refunds to course participants whose courses have been cancelled due to these precautions. If instructors plan to cancel a course, please change the end date of the course to the day of cancellation and then go through the regular process of marking the course “complete (IOR)” and responding to the auto-generated course-closure email (IT). Please mark the students as “incomplete” and include a general note that the course closure is a cancellation due to Covid-19. The National Office will then process refunds for the student roster.

We are seeking information and steps for OEC technicians to assist in response to COVID-19. Many of you have asked about volunteer opportunities with your local emergency response teams, Red Cross units, etc. Please reach out to your Division Directors, Region Directors or patrol directors to see if they have any information about local opportunities. It has been hard to get a hold of agencies at a federal level, so as soon as I have more information to share, we will do so.

We are actively evaluating options for all face-to-face meetings over the next several weeks. 

We will continue to provide information as it is available. We will send emails like this one as events or changes merit, and we will also post updates on the Member News page and the Member Homepage of Please check back frequently for updates.

Again, our thoughts are with all of you whose season has been impacted or shortened by these events.

Thank you all for all you do! Please stay safe and healthy.

Meegan Moszynski
Executive Director