Giving Tuesday is December 1 — raise money for your patrol and NSP!

What it is

GivingTuesday is “a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration” which takes place this year on Tuesday, December 1.  Many nonprofits take advantage of the day to encourage financial donations from supporters.

National Ski Patrol will be encouraging Facebook Fundraising Campaigns on that day, and offering prizes to successful fundraisers and randomly selected members who participate.

Why we’re doing it

Giving Tuesday receives national promotion and attention, so it is a great opportunity to raise NSP’s visibility as a nonprofit, and to raise money for local patrols along with the national organization. NSP will promote the campaign via our social media channels to support the campaign and boost donations to local patrols.

In 2019, Facebook and PayPal partnered to match the first $7 million of eligible donations made on Giving Tuesday. If they do a similar match this year, we will be eligible.

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to promote giving to NSP and a local patrol can participate.

How to participate

Members and supporters can learn how to participate and set up a Facebook fundraiser on a special web page we’ve set up here. You can find more information about creating a Facebook fundraiser here.

When is it happening?

Giving Tuesday is December 3. NSP’s campaign (and competition for prizes) will begin on the Friday prior to Thanksgiving, November 22.

What’s in it for me (and my patrol)?

All of the donations to this campaign will be split with the identified local patrol. So, if Jane, from Magical Mountain Patrol raises $1,600 in a Facebook fundraiser, Magical Mountain will receive $800. If Jane’s friend makes a donation of $100 via NSP’s online donation page, and references Magical Mountain Patrol during the campaign period, Magical Mountain will receive $50.

Individuals who create a Facebook Fundraiser that receives donations will be eligible to win prizes – 3 for the highest fundraising totals, and 2 randomly selected from all of the fundraisers.

NSP will also promote the campaign via our Facebook and Instagram pages, which have about 18,500 and 9,000 followers respectively.