COVID-19 Updates

We will be posting updates from NSP offices about changes and adjustments that our staff and programs are making in response to the shifting situation around COVID-19.

How you can help.
Check this page for information about how NSP members can help in their communities or in national efforts.

NSP’s Lakewood, Colo. office and warehouse closed through April 17, staff working remotely
In accordance with state and local directives, the NSP office and warehouse in Lakewood has been closed and the staff is working remotely.  You can reach all staff members by email and voicemail, though emails will likely receive a faster response. You can find staff contact information here. NSP’s online store is still accepting orders, but none will ship until after April 17.

OEC Course Cancellations
NSP is providing full refunds to course participants whose courses have been cancelled due to these precautions. If instructors plan to cancel a course, please change the end date of the course to the day of cancellation and then go through the regular process of marking the course “complete (IOR)” and responding to the auto-generated course-closure email (IT). Please mark the students as “incomplete” and include a general note that the course closure is a cancellation due to Covid-19. The National Office will then process refunds for the student roster.

Any non-fee course, that was not completed, should be cancelled by the IOR.  Then enrolled students do not receive course credit.