Dear NSP Community,

Here in the national office — which is now our virtual office (more on that below) — we know many of you would like to know what we are doing to help in the effort to contain and combat the Coronavirus.

We are collecting opportunities for trained first responders and posting them on the How You Can Help page of our website. These postings include both paid and volunteer opportunities. If you know of opportunities that are not listed, please send them to We will be updating the page often, so please check back frequently.

There are many ways you can help. One of them is donating medical supplies. As you are probably aware, many hospitals and medical centers are seeking masks, gloves and other medical supplies. This crowd-sourced list can direct you to facilities in your area that need supplies, and how to get them where they are needed. If you don’t see a listing for your area, contact local hospitals and medical centers to determine their specific needs before delivering any supplies.

As you hear about needs and opportunities in your community, please share them with us at We would also love to hear about how you are helping; send us your news at the same address.

Most of the NSP staff will be working remotely through April 10. While we may have access to voicemail, you will receive a quicker response from us if you email us.

From the organization Minnie Dole founded, to the contributions of the 10th Mountain Division that grew out of that organization, to the work of our more than 31,000 members, NSP’s creed of “Service and Safety” has built a long tradition of stepping up and volunteering. We are confident that tradition can continue to provide valuable service in this most uncertain of times.

Thank you for everything you are doing to help in your own communities.

Stay well!

Meegan Moszynski

Executive Director