First Aid Tips from National Ski Patrol

Skiing and snowboarding are wonderful activities that provide memorable experiences for winter enthusiasts all over the world. Like many outdoor sports, there are inherent risks that come with playing in the mountains. The best way to ensure you have an amazing experience is doing your homework before you leave for the mountains. Things to Consider: • Physical Conditioning: Understand the [...]

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The Seasonal Life

By Andrew Hennigh, @desolationphoto BLM Ranger Boat The seasonal life. It's been 13 years for me of bouncing between desert rivers and snowy mountain towns. The seasonal life is not good for quelling financial woes. The seasonal life does not necessarily facilitate healthy relationships. The seasonal life isn't easy, it breeds anxiety. With a little luck the [...]

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Bergen & Zaugg: An Interview with NSP/C-RAD Scholarship Recipients

Every year, Subaru hosts WinterFest at resorts around the country. During these events, Subaru generously donates $1 to NSP for every email opt-in they gather throughout the tour. These funds are used to benefit avalanche dog programs and scholarships all over, including Wasatch Backcountry Rescue (WBR) and Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment (C-RAD). In October, two dogs and their handlers [...]

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Drop Knees Not Bombs

By Alex Limkin, NSP-Subaru Ambassador On a day off, I stoke a fire, brew coffee, and sit down on a chair fashioned from split kindling. Ranger, a shaggy-haired buddy who lives down the road, comes by for a scratch and to piss on my snow tires. I gave him a ham bone on Christmas Day, which he has been [...]

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Subaru WinterFest

Every winter, Subaru of America celebrates the ski community by hosting an on-hill party called WinterFest. WinterFest is a one-of-a-kind concert and mountain lifestyle tour that stops at select resorts. WinterFest events feature live music, Subaru swag, free snacks and beverages, daily giveaways, gear demos, and sometimes even avalanche dog activities. Thanks to Subaru’s 25-year partnership with NSP, Subaru [...]

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Happy New Year!

2019 was a tremendous year for National Ski Patrol. Not only did we serve 31,000 members in 17 countries on 4 continents, we continued to uphold the gold-standard of mountain safety and training in outdoor first responder and emergency training. Highlights include: Fundraising over $3,000 on #GivingTuesday to be passed to 16 local patrols across the U.S. NSP avalanche [...]

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Avalanche Beacon Precautions

Avalanche beacons are specialized radio transceivers operating on the frequency 457 kHz.  Because they use radio frequencies, they are subject to problems caused by interference.  Interference can be caused by many factors, some of which are under your control, others are not.  Your radio, cell phone, GPS device, smartwatch, and even the foil-lined energy bar wrapper in the buried party's [...]

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The Perfect Race

By Christine Wodke, NSP-Subaru Ambassador, @run4cmt As physically challenged athlete I know what it’s like to run a perfect race. They don’t happen often, but I had one at the Age Group National Sprint Triathlon in Milwaukee on a warm August day in 2012. It wasn’t because I was fast --because I’m not -- or that I won any [...]

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Are you grateful for your patrol? For ski patrolling? Remember NSP on #GivingTuesday!

Remember NSP and local ski patrols with a Facebook Fundraiser for #GivingTuesday!

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Patrolling – It’s all in the family

By Jay Galeota, Mountian Creek Patrol, New Jersey When I started patrolling 30 years ago this season I remember thinking that someday I would be older and a dad and maybe, just maybe, my kids would want to be patrollers too. Well the years pass faster than any of us know when we are young and those thoughts from [...]

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NSP & Subaru; 25 Years of Partnership

This upcoming year marks 25 years of partnership for Subaru of America and the National Ski Patrol. Together we share the core values of safety, service, and embracing being outside. Through this partnership, Subaru has generously provided NSP with several branded cars for NSP patrollers and leaders around the country. Today’s NSP Subaru Ambassadors are patrollers with interesting and [...]

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Wilderness, Skiing, & Fire

By Nick Harper-Johnston, NSP-Subaru Ambassador What's something that the vast majority of Western ski areas have in common? That YOU, the skier, own the actual land you are skiing on. It's no secret that the US Forest Service and skiing have always gone hand in hand, and that the folks attracted to the woods like to recreate in wild [...]

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Land of the Midnight Sun

By Cody Burns, NSP-Subaru Ambassador Life as a patroller during the summer months in Alaska is as unique as the wildlife, weather, and daylight. In the land of the midnight sun, there is a seemingly endless amount of time for fun and recreational activities. We started our summer program here at Alyeska Resort eight years ago in 2011, which [...]

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2020 Membership Dues

By Bill Finley, NSP Finance and Operations Director At NSP, our vision calls us to be the premier provider of outdoor rescue education, increase recruitment and retention, expand our reach into other sports and events, be financially self-sustaining, and provide all members with successful patrolling experiences. With this backdrop, in April the NSP board of directors approved a dues alignment [...]

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Charles Minot “Mint” Dole, Jr.

Charles Minot "Mint" Dole died on Friday, July 19 at his home in Essex, Conn. He was 85. Mint Dole was the son of Charles Minot "Minne" Dole, who is credited as the founder of the National Ski Patrol.  Mint had an illustrious career in his own right, as an industrial designer and inventor. Our thoughts go out to the [...]

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