COVID-19 Updates

We will be posting updates from NSP offices about changes and adjustments that our staff and programs are making in response to the shifting situation around COVID-19. How you can help. Check this page for information about how NSP members can help in their communities or in national efforts. Some NSP programs are publishing specific guidance, to complement [...]

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Ramblings of a Professional Ski Bum

By Tarah O'Connor Uncertainty, transition, a sense of loss, a sense of adventure. These are the normal feelings each spring for the seasonal flock of professional ski patrollers. We move into smaller pods of raft guides, wildland firefighters, mountain guides, gardeners, ER techs, bartenders and carpenters. This is the “normal” flow of an already difficult seasonal life. It was [...]

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Winter Triathlon and New Challenges

By Christine Wodke, NSP Subaru Ambassador In Scott Welle’s book Wellness he says “When you are challenged you are forced to grow or you can’t meet the challenge.” That quote perfectly describes not only my race at the Winter Triathlon National Championship, but our present COVID-19 situation. The March 1 race at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis was a [...]

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Pay your 2020 dues by June 30!

If you have not already done so, you need to pay your 2020 dues by JUNE 30. After June 30, you will need to call the national office to pay your 2020 dues over the phone with a credit card or send in a check by mail. Please help us prevent a backlog of calls to the national office by [...]

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Skywalk and Service to Others

By Alex Limkin Walking the 22-mile Skywalk across the Sandias with Chuck Hosking is a bit like showering with a loofah, or eating a dandelion salad: a bit raw, a bit rough, but seriously good for you. On the verge of turning 72, Chuck Hosking's body and mind retain the virile appearance and functioning of a younger man. This [...]

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Where’s Everyone Else?

Growth opportunities in ski patrol with minorities By Mandela Echefu  (Editor's note: This story was originally published in the Fall 2018 issue of Ski Patrol Magazine. We are re-publishing it here because of its relevance to the current conversation about diversity, and the experience of black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC)  in areas -- liker snowsports -- where they [...]

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Patrols Around the Country Pitch in to Fight COVID-19

During the last several months the world has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ski community was not immune to this with the ski season ending months earlier than expected. When resorts closed ski patrollers lost their jobs all around the country. This created opportunities for patrollers to continue to give back by donating supplies and ski [...]

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Concerns for Recreating at High Altitudes

Do you remember the world before COVID-19? Do you recall when we could freely travel far distances in search of those premier, sacred, lesser-traveled places to recreate? Those days will return eventually, but in the meantime, we can use this unprecedented free time to plan future trips for when we’re all able to travel safely again. One oft-overlooked consideration [...]

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One Bike Patroller’s Adaptation to the “New Normal”

Hello Fellow Patrollers, With the ever-changing world and situation with the COVID-19 virus, here are some recommendations and suggestions for Bike Patrollers and Bike Hosts while on the trails based on my own experience so far. In addition to the general recommendations of remaining 6-10 feet from other individuals at all times, it’s also recommended to NOT ride in [...]

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Just a Normal Day…

The following came in from NSP member, Jimmy Minardi. NSP, Well after 42 years of Ocean rescue, which I still currently do in the summers, I decided to go through the National Ski Patrol's OEC  program that was offered by Sunlight Ski Patrol. This particular semester was guided and lead by Carol Wells and Cindy and Keith Henderson and [...]

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Powderfall 2021 is at Breckenridge!

Hosted by the National Ski Patrol, Powderfall is a biennial end-of-the-season celebration that brings together more than 700 patrollers with industry leaders and friends to network, learn, play and of course, ski and snowboard. Programs include on-hill and classroom learning, all in a collaborative environment that combines education and fun. Days include toboggan clinics, moulage techniques, OEC updates, instruction [...]

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Puppies & Pow Video by Drew Warkentin

Drew is a full time Vail Mountain ski patroller and NSP Subaru Ambassador. Drew lives in Edwards, Colorado (near Vail) with his wife Lauren and pup Tulo. When he’s not ski patrolling in the winter and bike patrolling in the summer you can find him working a film project with his company Big Mountain Creative, setting a skin [...]

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COVID-19 National Office Update: How You Can Help

Dear NSP Community, Here in the national office -- which is now our virtual office (more on that below) -- we know many of you would like to know what we are doing to help in the effort to contain and combat the Coronavirus. We are collecting opportunities for trained first responders and posting them on the How You Can [...]

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