Join us at 2023’s Alumni Celebration Week: February 26 – March 4, Whitefish Mountain, Whitefish, MT
Our first Alumni Celebration Week, held in Whitefish, MT February 2019, drew over 35 alumni and friends fun, good food and great skiing. Participants received discounts on rooms at the Grouse Mountain Lodge and skiing discounts for veteran skiers age 64 and older.

Look for more details on the Alumni page of the member website at

What’s an “alumni” member of the National Ski Patrol?

Alumni membership is a special NSP registration category for members who no longer want to provide emergency care or rescue services but wish to remain involved with NSP.  NSP created the alumni program in 1977 and there are currently 5,000 registered alumni members.

Alumni membership is available for any  member who has been registered as a Patroller for at least a year, but who needs to take time away for some reason. Maybe a family issue crops up. Maybe work becomes too demanding. Maybe grad school beckons. Or maybe you just need a break, or it is time to retire!   

And what happens if you want to go back to patrolling? NSP offers you the flexibility to do that!

As long as your certifications are current, you can switch out of alumni status and go back to patrolling at any time.

So being an alumni member is a great way to stay connected with NSP and your fellow members.

For more information about the alumni program, please contact us at