Minnie Dole Award Recipients

The Minnie Dole Award is one of NSP’s most rarely given awards, which “recognizes those exceptional few patrollers who, over the year, have closely exemplified the long-term dedication, devotion, and self sacrifice of the founder of the NSP, Charles Minot ‘Minnie’ Dole.”

Since the first Minnie Dole Award was given in 1969 to Winter Park patroller Charles Sauer, only 27 more have been given.

Charles Sauer, 1969

Harry Pollard, 1976

Charles Haskin, 1978

Thomas Ludwig, 1979

Donald C. Williams, 1982

Mark Behan, 1982

Tyler Davis, 1982

George Wesson, Jr., 1983

Ronald Ricketts, 1986

Robert Morley, 1987

Donald Page, 1988

Hart Axley, 1988

Walter Gregg*, 1989

Ronald Chandler, 1990

Dr. Warren Bowman, 1990

Hilbert Finn, 1990

Charles William Bullen (Bill), 1991

Marlen Guell, 1992

Bill Simonsen, 1993

John Clair, 1994

Brian McCartney, 1996

Jack Mason, 1996

Marc Bond, 1998

Doug McCormick, 1999

William Sachs, 2004

Robert B. Scarlett, 2012

Edward C. McNamara, 2015

Mike Laney, 2016